Being educated about the different medicines that are available for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS can help you find ways to relieve the symptoms. If you are struggling with IBS and have not been able to locate a cure, there may still be hope.  Recently several methods have been discovered that purport to offer relief to sufferers of the symptoms of IBS.

One of the newly-discovered methods is Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurvedic medicine can trace its roots to India.  However, it has found world-wide acceptance as an effective method for treating IBS.  Ayurvedic means life and knowledge.  It provides balance for the body and its systems as a result of the body’s interconnections.  According to this ancient healing method, there are three types of doshas attached to the body.  These control the body health.  If one or more of the doshas become imbalanced, problems, such as IBS and other diseases will result.

Ayurvedic medicine methods are not only effective with IBS and digestive problems, but other disorders ranging from skin disorders to respiratory problems as well. The philosophy behind Ayurvedic medication dictates that an Ayurvedic practitioner will initially determine the symptoms that need to be rebalanced, and then determine appropriate healing solutions. If you decide to try Ayurvedic mediation in treating IBS, you will need to find an Ayurveda practitioner.  There are certain things you should expect from your visit.

A practitioner will first look at different areas in your body to examine their functioning.  They will examine your tongue, voice and skin, take your pulse, note your general appearance, and examine your urine and stool. Based on these observations, the practitioner will determine where the imbalances are in your body.  They will then locate imbalances in different areas in relationship to each other.

For example, if your skin is greasy, or your pulse is racing, that may relate to your Irritable Bowel Syndrome imbalances. The Ayurvedic practitioner will prescribe a variety of herbs and medications to treat your symptoms. Massage is another method used in finding symptom relief.  You may also be advised to make dietary changes and take part in different types of physical activity inorder to regain a balanced system.

The philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine is to balance your system through natural methods. By visiting an Ayurveda practitioner who specializes in these types of treatments, you will be able to locate the nature of the problem and find effective treatment methods. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient practice still used today and may be provide great relief for those with IBS.

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