You know the drill: cut this, that, and the other really delicious thing out of your diet # all in the name of cutting cholesterol. Frustrating, isn’t it?  Especially if you work full time, and are on the go constantly with family or volunteer obligations.

If you pack your own lunch, you may find that you often pick the wrong types of foods for your meals on the go.  Late night or early morning lunch preparations are often conducted between yawns, and whatever is at hand that can be thrown in a brown bag will do!

However, if you want to start cutting the cholesterol in your diet, you will find many types of foods are on your side, and many of them are great tasting at the same time.

If you are going to cut cholesterol in your diet, you should begin by removing white breads and rolls. Whole wheat, rye and other whole grain breads are going to be key to your cutting cholesterol and lowering the cholesterol stores in your body. You should also stop buying all that red meat and the other meats that are high in fat.  Fat hides cholesterol. Instead, buy meats that have the fat trimmed, and that have the skin removed.  You can still have a praiseworthy dinner plate, but it is going to leave you with a lower cholesterol level in your body. Always using whole grain breads, and leftovers will give you a great lunch or dinner in a hurry, any day of the week.

Working late and eating in the office, or just being on the go, can sometimes leave you with a feeling of wanting some treat, or just something more.  Train yourself to reach for foods that are lower in fat, high in fiber, and low in cholesterol for the best cholesterol lowering results for your health overall.

Great choices

Some great foods you can reach for include fruit bars, frozen yogurt bars, cereal bars, dry cereals, juice bars, and skim milk ice cream. Look for popcorn that is unbuttered or light, and rice cakes are great after you get used to them, and so are low fat pretzels, which you can eat anywhere and on the march.

Fresh fruits and veggies are great cholesterol busters, and you can take many of them with you for a good meal on the go. Some of the goodies you can stock up on include oranges, strawberries, grapes, raisins, pineapples, and apples. Why not try dried fruits or sliced fruits while sitting at your desk and munching while working?  You can also use fresh cauliflower or broccoli chunks for a great addition to any snack or meal on the go.

Keep in mind that you can cut cholesterol in spite of the convenience and junk food that assaults your senses everywhere you turn.  Make the first choice the first day, and things will get easier each time you do that.  After a few weeks, you will wonder what the thrill was in all that high cholesterol junk food anyway.

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